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Toucan series


Book 1

  • Introducing basic arithmetic calculations using the abacus.

  • Understanding the concepts of place values on the abacus using flash cards and games.

  • Exploring and understanding sums related to number bonds 5 and using this to perform additions and subtractions up to 99.

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See toucan-book-1-list-of-tasks-to-do-and-an-instruction-sheet

Please click Free Toucan 1 trial for a sample of online lessons.  You will need to register before you can try out the lessons.


Book 2

  • Exploring and understanding sums related to number bonds up to 10.

  • Using the number bonds 10 understanding to compute sums with regrouping.

  • Introducing mental arithmetic computations.

  • Learning 2, 3, and 5 times tables.


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See Revised TB2-online-lesson-plan



Book 3

  • Exploring and understanding subtractions with regrouping.

  • Developing mental computations further.

  • Introducing simple multiplications.

  • All work is timed.

  • Extending number bond understanding to 100.

  • Learning 4, 6, and 7 times tables.


See tb3-sample-pages

See TB3-online-lesson-plan



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