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The underlying motivation of The Abacus Club is to explore the fun aspects of numbers and maths through the use of Japanese abacus (known as ‘Soroban’). We want children to feel comfortable with numbers and explore numbers as part of their everyday lives. We believe that providing children with the confidence to deal with numbers at an early stage of their lives will boost their ability to excel in other academic subjects.

The Abacus Club was established in West Yorkshire in May 2011 by Dr Nisih Freeman. Nisih has a doctorate in Finance from the University of Exeter and is a widely experienced teacher. While living in Asia, she taught a large age range from 3 year old children through to 18 year old students. As well as running The Abacus Club, she also taught postgraduate students at Bradford University School of Management.

The Abacus Club is currently located in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

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