Maths Booster

Maths Booster

The course will initially focus on place value understanding and the partitioning of numbers.  This part of the course will be taught using the Japanese abacus.  

Following a good understanding of place value, children will learn to complete simple additions and subtractions mentally.  They will ultimately work on completing multi-digit addition and subtraction towards the end of the workshop. Children and parents will have access to 60 pages of worksheets, videos and online quizzes.  Participation from parents to ensure that homework is completed is paramount to ensure that your child reaps the utmost benefits from this course.

There are 2 routes of working through this course.

  1. You can sign your child up to attend a workshop at one of our venues.
  2. If you would rather work with your child at home remotely, you can buy the workbook, an abacus, and access to all the videos and online quizzes for £28. The videos within the course will show you how the abacus works and how your child might complete each of the workbook pages.
See Sample pages for this workbook

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