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 Puffin Book 1


Puffin Book 1 introduces the basic concepts of numbers.  It explores numbers 1 to 14 and how these numbers can be interpreted into real quantities through the use of object counting.  The quantities of objects and numbers are subsequently linked to the soroban beads to enable children to utilise the soroban as a hands-on tool.  This book will encourage your child to think of numbers from different perspectives. It teaches your child to identify the place value of numbers, which provides the foundation for understanding more complex maths concepts in later stages.  It also introduces children to the concept of numbers/quantities comparisons from very early on as well as simple number sequence identification.  Within this book, you will find an introduction to simple soroban practice.

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Puffin Book 2

The second book explores the concepts of numbers/quantities up to 25.  The book looks further into slightly more complicated number sequences and encourages children to not only compare two groups of objects but also tell the difference in quantities.  It also introduces number bonds 5.  Following from a basic introduction, this book further emphasises the place value of numbers relating to values up to 25.  As your child’s understanding of numbers/quantities expands, he/she will be completing more complex sums using the soroban.  There will be more abacus practice to complete as your child goes through the book.

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Puffin Book 3

This book will build your child’s understanding of number concepts up to 100.  Within this book, your child will explore different number sequences (forward and backward number sequences) and completing sums up to 99.  They will also be introduced to a whole range of soroban techniques involving adding numbers in ones, tens, twos, threes and fours.

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