Book series 2: Toucan books and online courses


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The Toucan series aims at children ages 6 and above or those who have completed Puffin book series.  The series re-introduces the abacus and focuses on calculations involving additions and subtractions using number bonds 5  and 10 understanding.  The series also assesses children’s understanding of multiplications.

These books come with online lessons as well as book homework.  The online courses will include videos which will show you how to complete soroban practices required in each step.

By the end of this series, your children will be proficient in their understanding of place values and able to perform various double-digit sums with ease.  They will have also acquired times table knowledge up to 7 times.  Children will start learning mental abacus computations in the air from the end of Toucan book 2.  The mental computation training will gain more focus as children go into the third book of the Toucan series. 

Each book will take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete but access is available up to 6 months.
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