Book series 3: Peacock books and online courses


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The peacock series will continue to develop your children’s addition and subtraction skills. The focus of the series will be on performing multi-digit multiplications as well as introducing them to the use of decimal places. Children will also be introduced to division within this series.

By the end of this series, your children will show increasing speed in addition and subtraction computational skills.  You should see improving mental abacus ability where they will be expected to complete 5 double digit sums.  They will have also learned their times tables up to 9 times by the end of Peacock book 1 and learn how to complete 2-by-1 digit multiplication questions using the soroban.  As they progress through the books, they will be expected to complete 2-by-1 digit multiplications mentally or in the air.  By the end of the third book, they will learn how to divide on the soroban and complete two by two digit multiplications.

Each book will have online access attached to it.  It will take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete but access is available up to 6 months.  Please note that before purchasing any of the Peacock books, do ensure that your children will have completed the Toucan book series or are able to complete addition and subtraction using the soroban competently.

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