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Striving for the best

At The Abacus Club, we believe that every child has the ability to be good at maths. What your child needs is the right approach and learning environment. We place great emphasis on the enjoyment factor, whilst striving to enhance your child’s numeracy skills.  Your child will find maths enjoyable, fun, interesting, intriguing, and rewarding.

Our dedication to striving for the best is evident from the past 4 years maths results administered nationally to Year 2 children in the UK.  Children who have been studying with The Abacus Club have performed excellently.  In 2019, 61% of our 23 Year 2 students achieved greater depth understanding in Maths with scaled scores of 110 and beyond.  26% of them achieved scores of 114/115 out of 115.  The standardised passing score is 100.
% of children achieving scaled scores of 110 and beyond in 2019 KS1 Maths SATS
% of children in 2017 Maths SATs
% of children in 2016 KS1 Maths SATS
% of children passing 2019 KS1 Maths SATS
% of children in 2017 Maths SATs
% of children in 2016 KS1 Maths SATS
What can your child achieve?

A sample of vidoes showing how learning the soroban helps your child mental computations.

Why our programmes

Hands-on tool

Learn maths through a hands-on counting tool called Japanese abacus


Allow your child to start at any time and at the own pace and highly adaptable to accommodate different learning styles

Increased concentration

Help children's concentration span, listening, and reading skills

Compliment maths curriculum

Reinforces maths curriculum taught at primary schools


    Our programmes are suitable for children of any maths levels from ages 4 and above. Whether you feel your child needs more of a challenge or you just want your child to feel confident in keeping up with their peers, The Abacus Club is results-driven.

    Mode of learning

    Online learning

    Distance learning

    Classroom learning

    Face to face sessions

    Teachers’ training

    Abacus teacher training

    Our motivation

    The underlying motivation of The Abacus Club is to explore the fun aspects of numbers and maths. We want children to feel comfortable with numbers and explore numbers as part of their everyday lives. We believe that providing children with the confident to deal with numbers at an early stage of their lives will boost their ability to excel in other academic subjects.

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    General Updates

    New Abacus class in Wollaton, Nottingham

    March 4, 2020

    There are now two one-hour sessions running at St. Leonard’s Community Centre which is located on 4 Bramcote Ln, Nottingham NG8 2ND. Time: Tuesd...

    General Updates

    2018-2019 KS1 SATS scaled scores for Maths

    July 18, 2019

    Here is the summary of 2019 KS1 SATS scaled scores achieved by children who have been studying with The Abacus Club. The passing score is 100 and the ...

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